Happy Birthday over the Bridge

Shelby would have turned 16 today. Able to drive but we all know she was always the driver in our relationship!!! I miss that sweet girl so much. Last year I remember writing a blog about how in my mind, I always thought Shelby would make it to 15 and she did not (she passed at 13 1/2)… young and old at the same time. As I look back on her photos of her amazing life, her travels, her journeys… I can finally see how she aged. When we were together, time stood still. I never saw the grey in her face or the crows feet on my eyes. I never saw anything other than “just in the moment” until those moments became precious and I spent each day of her illness wondering “is today the day”?

And today, I can look back, finally and on most days, and remember the good (when I can remember anything at all – my brain seems use some coping mechanism to block out anything that it perceives as painful). But I am staring at Shelby photos today … willing her to be real again in my eyes.

I am hoping for a sign of some sort but I am sure she is being festive over the bridge with her new pals… those that joined before us and those after. I know Shelby is the welcome girl – with her tiara and always willing to sniff a butt to make a new friend.

Shelby was the kindest,┬ámost gentle dog you would ever meet. She loved people and dogs alike. She feared almost nothing. She radiated joy. She was always happy! From day one … when I met her at the shelter, she embraced me with a hug and a tail wag and begged me to bring her home. We had many adventures … not as many as I would like since we discovered the joy of traveling together later in life but we made those trips count. To the wineries, the beach, coffee shops, just out for dinner. I loved spending time with Shelby!

So happy birthday my best girl, the love of my life, my soul mate and heart dog … I will definitely toast in your honor later! I miss you forever and love you to the moon and back and for all infinity!

Our first outing … “Yappy Hour” … Shelby always let me hold her like a baby!
Just love … at the dog beach! One of our favorite places!
Shelby Boa-05_2 (1)
Mommy … is green my color?!
Oh mommy… but why? Why, why, why??
Baby Shelby ... her first day home.
Baby Shelby … her first day home.
this face!!! This is the face I fell madly in love with over 17 years ago and who rescued me!
I can’t even tell if this is a Tripawd Shelby or not but either way … this was our life … toys, more toys and fluff!