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Week 7 post-amp; an update on my fighter girl

We are at 7 weeks post-amp today. We have had our fair shares of ups and downs and I try and do my best and ride the roller coaster with Shelby since Shelby still is blissfully unaware she is fighting cancer. We’ve had, for a while now, off and on, some digestive issues. From what […]

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From the bathroom to the bedroom

As those who have followed Shelby’s antics know, Shelby assumed residency of my bathroom about three days after her amputation. ¬†At first it was kind of funny – she would just hang out in there but then she got aggressive with it. She refused to leave (even trying to coax her out with a cookie, […]

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6 weeks post-amp and loving life

Shelby is doing amazing – just 6 weeks post-amp – what a fighter she is! I am so proud of my girl. She really lives each day and moment to the fullest and I learn more about her daily and when I didn’t I think I could be MORE in love with her, I am. […]


Shelby’s 5 weeks post-amp today

Clearly math is not my strong suit since I kept thinking we were over the 5 week mark and marching past week 6! Oops! Shelby had her rear amputation on January 8th. So I guess it’s even more amazing that she’s doing so well in such a short amount of time. Shelby visited with her […]

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A little over 5 weeks post-amp

Shelby is about 5 1/2 weeks post-amp and things are getting back to normal (or rather our new normal). She’s spending less time in the bathroom but still goes in there from time to time but definitely less than she was). I have started cooking for her since she’s gotten rather chunky (and I can […]

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Celebrating One month post-amp

What a journey it’s been! When I made the decision to amputate Shelby’s leg, I told her surgeons that even if we made it one month pain-free it was worth it. And it’s been a hard month but definitely worth it. Shelby continues to improve and show those vets/doctors/statistics that she is anything BUT normal […]

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Shelby’s officially been home 3 weeks now

And we are starting to settle into our new normal. It hasn’t been easy (but no one said it would be). She has become increasingly needy and affectionate in the evenings – demanding to be pet nonstop for hours on end. Also demands to be on the couch. When she doesn’t get her way, she […]

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