Happy Birthday Shelby Lynne!

Happy Birthday my best girl! You would have been 15 today. Somewhere along the line as you started to get older, I had in my mind that you would live to 15 (not the 13 1/2 you made it too). When you were 8 or 9, people said you were getting to be a senior even though you had showed NO signs of slowing down and still looked and acted like a puppy! I told people, Shelby will live to 15. She’s a little dog and little dogs live longer.

But alas, we all know how the story ends and that we  cannot control what the universe has in store for us. So I hope with ALL my heart they are celebrating over the bridge for you today – complete with your tiara and cupcakes and lots of sprinkles and glitter.

Little Jasper looked up at your “shrine” last night and I know she was sending you love and birthday wishes because I know she  can feel your presence. I don’t always feel it but I know she does.

But I know you are ALWAYS with me. So I hope you heard me sing to you this morning, and tell you “happy birthday” and that I loved you and missed you.

Enjoy your special day that I had picked for you when you picked me all those years ago … I love you, my little princess… cuddles, snuggles, hugs and kisses … to the moon and back and for all infinity!

The year I put a candle in your dinner!
Your birthday montage!!! All the amazing times we shared!


Baby 2
One of the first photos I have and only ones of you as a baby!
I love this face!!! I miss this face…. one of your first photos back in 2001.
Your birthday gift a few years ago! Love those little ears!


18 Months an Angel

I actually had to stop and count on my fingers how many months you have been an angel. I miss you, sweet Shelby Lynne. Every minute of every day. BUT today we celebrate you and your life and your legacy since today is the “8th”.

Thank you for the quarter (you big spender you). I have a little jar with all the items you have sent to me, pennies, dimes, the dollar … I won’t spend them but save them so I can always see how much you love and still think about me. It makes me feel closer to you.

It is your BIRTHDAY month so I hope they celebrate BIG up over the bridge. You always loved your birthday (like your mama). You got a special dinner (sometimes with a candle), lots of presents and lots of cuddles.

I see your beautiful photo on my Tripawds calendar right now… your sweet little smiling face as you balanced so well on three legs. You did SO amazing as a Tripawd. I am forever proud of the strength and courage with which you fought that ugly cancer.

Never was I SO happy to play tug of war with you. This was a couple months before you lost your leg but well into your cancer treatment.

But I miss you – that is the theme that permeates my life right now. I do love the little dog you sent me to bring me smiles instead of frowns and the life that she and I have built together. Sometimes we still act like strangers and two lost souls trying to find our way in this world but then we come together and remember that you put us together because you knew we needed that love and support.

So today, we honor you, little Miss Shelby Lynne and all the lessons about strength, courage and love and living in the moment that you taught us. I strive to remember the happy times. I strive to remember the fun that we had.  I strive to never lose sight of the battle we fought and how we beat those odds – if even for one month longer than what they said – we beat them. My soulmate, my angel, the love of my life. You taught me SO much and I feel your paws on my shoulder all the time. I feel your energy by my side and in our home. I love you! I miss you. I honor you.

I miss that beautiful face!