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Happy Birthday Shelby Lynne!

Happy Birthday my best girl! You would have been 15 today. Somewhere along the line as you started to get older, I had in my mind that you would live to 15 (not the 13 1/2 you made it too). When you were 8 or 9, people said you were getting to be a senior even though you had showed NO signs of slowing down and still looked and acted like a puppy! I told people, Shelby will live to 15. She’s a little dog and little dogs live longer.

But alas, we all know how the story ends and that we ┬ácannot control what the universe has in store for us. So I hope with ALL my heart they are celebrating over the bridge for you today – complete with your tiara and cupcakes and lots of sprinkles and glitter.

Little Jasper looked up at your “shrine” last night and I know she was sending you love and birthday wishes because I know she ┬ácan feel your presence. I don’t always feel it but I know she does.

But I know you are ALWAYS with me. So I hope you heard me sing to you this morning, and tell you “happy birthday” and that I loved you and missed you.

Enjoy your special day that I had picked for you when you picked me all those years ago … I love you, my little princess… cuddles, snuggles, hugs and kisses … to the moon and back and for all infinity!


The year I put a candle in your dinner!


Your birthday montage!!! All the amazing times we shared!


Baby 2

One of the first photos I have and only ones of you as a baby!

I love this face!!! I miss this face…. one of your first photos back in 2001.

Your birthday gift a few years ago! Love those little ears!



  1. harmony Said,

    October 15, 2015@ 3:03 pm      Reply

    Aww . . . Shelby Lynne, happy birthday my sweet! Adorable pictures.
    To you my friend Alison, hugs and love coming your way from our pack.

  2. linda8115 Said,

    October 15, 2015@ 3:48 pm      Reply

    Happy Birthday Shelby Lynn! Every time I see pictures of you I think of my Buffy who I had when I was in high school. Like you she was much loved. You two could pass for sisters. Enjoy your special celebration in heaven!

    Linda, Bob & Max

  3. Michelle Said,

    October 15, 2015@ 5:58 pm      Reply

    Happy Birthday Shelby Lynne. You made it to 15 with us. We celebrate all those birthdays even if you are at the Bridge. Make sure to let your momma know you are watching out over her. Love all those pictures of you.
    Your personality sure shines in all of them

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

  4. jerry Said,

    October 17, 2015@ 10:42 am      Reply

    Oh sweet Shelby, you’ll always be an eternal puppy with that pretty smile! Hoppy birthday in heaven, I know the boydogs are all fightin’ over who gets to sit next to you when you blow out your candles! xoxo

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