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Week 7 post-amp; an update on my fighter girl

We are at 7 weeks post-amp today. We have had our fair shares of ups and downs and I try and do my best and ride the roller coaster with Shelby since Shelby still is blissfully unaware she is fighting cancer.

We’ve had, for a while now, off and on, some digestive issues. From what I have heard, chemo can really wreak havoc on their digestive track – even longer than the initial days post treatment. So we finally got Shelby on a probiotic! Shelby’s on more supplements than even I take but I am hoping they are all doing their part to fight this cancer.


I finally had to get organized since my brain refuses to retain information and it’s all so overwhelming. Her pills include: fish oil (1), probiotic (1), iron pills (2), It’s Yumity – cancer fighting mushrooms (3) + she gets 1 ML of metacam. All at night. I mixed the powder into her meals. I also cook for her from a dog cookbook and currently she’s enjoying some doggy lasagna! Thankfully she doesn’t have the same issue with leftovers I do and will eat the same food day in and out. Basically it’s egg noodles, ground turkey, diced tomatoes, low-fat cottage cheese and some basil and oregano. Yummy!

She’s also been experiencing some odd behavior at night. She seems way more restless and anxious or hyper. Wants attention. Wants to go outside – a lot. I have read in a book on senior dogs that this is normal. As with most things with Shelby, it seems to come on all of a sudden and it is hard to pin-point her exact cause. She has also started BOLTING up from sleep and running across the room. Her vets don’t think she has phantom pain but we’ll watch it. She is eating like a champ (super hungry, hungry hippo all the time) drinks normally, is alert, happy  and does well on her walks so we’re not worried. I just can’t let go (as hard as I try) knowing that she has cancer and it’s in her lungs … every time she coughs, I freak out (even though she has always done that hacking thing), I worry that her chest or rib cage look bigger, I worry when she pants. But she is fine. She is doing really well. And she is happy.

Since there was a massive accident on the freeway this a.m., I chose to work at home and figured Shelby would be all up in my face for attention but actually, she’s quietly sleeping in her bed, content. So perhaps that is why she goes so bat crazy at night – because she rests all day.

Tomorrow will be my 40th birthday.  Shelby came to live with me when I was in my late 20s. When she first got sick last September, I prayed and prayed that she would make it to Christmas of last year (and she did). Then I prayed she would make it past the first two weeks in February which are hard because they are the anniversary of my father’s passing (and she did). Then I prayed she would make it past my birthday (and fingers crossed, she will).

I know that every day we have together is an amazing gift. I am thrilled that she and I have had so many wonderful experiences and adventures together in my 30s and as I bid goodbye to that decade of my life, I am grateful for the love and devotion of my best friend, through all the ups and downs, the good times, the bad. She has always licked my tears, comforted me, loved me unconditionally, taken care of me. And as I spend more time taking care of her and keeping my sad emotions at bay, I am thankful that I will start the next decade of my life with the best friend a girl could ever have.  She is the love of my life and she knows it! We are so blessed!


Hello mommy!

Good Morning!

Sleeping on the job!

My assistant!


  1. benny55 Said,

    February 26, 2014@ 11:58 am      Reply

    Nice update, very, very nice!

    HAPPY SEVEN WEEK AMPUVERSARY SNELBYSTRONG and looking forward to many more to come!!

    And CON GRATULATIONS MOM!! You’ve come along way too!! Your self-awarness and willingness to overcome ANTHING that deprives you of quality time living in the NOW with Shelby is to be applauded!!

    I’m so happy for you both and I’m so glad we got to see ore pictures! Those eyes just melt my heart everytime!! I did have to do a double-tack though on her first picture. I thought perhaps she had grown two feet and ten red painted toe nails out of her butt!!:-) 🙂

    Much, much love and joyous celebration to you two! We’re celebrating with extra junk food for both of us!!

    Still smilgover here…..

    Sally and Happy Hannah

  2. trmbaileysmom Said,

    February 26, 2014@ 12:42 pm      Reply


    Happy Birthday to Mom on her 40th… but I just turned 50 and I don’t want to hear complaints on 40… it’s just a number in human age…

    Keep getting stronger for all of us and root Bailey on so that she recovers and has a better quality of life.

    Much love and hugs!
    Tracy and Bailey

  3. trituck Said,

    February 26, 2014@ 4:46 pm      Reply

    Happy hoppy seven week ampuversary to Shelby….she is truly a great tripawd!

    And happy birthday to her Mom…Alison……I’m so glad that Shelby is here to share your 40th birthday with you 🙂

    What a great statement you made….Shelby is blissfully unaware that she is fighting cancer….wow….I wish it was so easy for us human types!

    Hugs to both of you

    Linda and Tucker

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