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Shelby’s awesome life … a little #TBT (“Throwback Thursday”)

I thought it would be ‘fun’ to commemorate some of my fondest memories of Shelby … from day one under my care, Shelby has kept me on my toes! To say she is spirited is an understatement. Growing up with dogs, never have I met such a STRONG-willed little dog with a total mind of her own. “Holy Terror” comes to mind when thinking of her younger years.

Recalling a time back in New Orleans when Shelby was still a youngin, I remember going out with a girlfriend and leaving both Shelby and her dog alone in my apt. We got home (late and probably pretty tipsy) to discover that Shelby and the other dog (who was also small – about 12 pounds) had consumed an entire BOX of Frango mint candies (8 oz). Now for those that don’t know, this is fancy, high-end chocolates, not your run of the mill Hershey bar. The chocolates had been on the kitchen counter and since Shelby has always been a jumper, I can only assume she was the instigator who jumped up and nosed them down. They ripped through the packaging (each chocolate is individually wrapped) and devoured the entire thing – leaving a few wrappers.

Instantly sobered up and panicked, we called poison control, who calmed us down and said that if they started vomiting things would be fine. Sure enough, Shelby started to projectile vomit (on me), chocolate and more chocolate. And like that, we had two incredibly hyper dogs – I think Shelby was literally awake for over 24 hours, bouncing off the walls, which was normal since she’s always been a super high energy pooch. Thankfully, everyone was fine and I learned that nothing on the counter top was ever safe from Shelby.

It wasn’t Shelby’s last chocolate experience (she had 2 other and a red vine incident). The funny thing is, growing up, we always let our dogs lick the bowl after we had ice-cream, including chocolate, lick ice-cream cones and not worry at all. It was several years before we had another chocolate scare but I quickly learned that with Shelby, where there is a will (and she has an incredibly strong will) there is a way. Even today, fighting cancer, she remains one of the strongest pooches I know. I am so proud of my girl. I am so glad I walked into that shelter that day and even more glad that she picked ME! #shelbystrong

One of our first photos together … circa 2001. Baby Shelby! she still likes to be held like that!

She won 1st price for her bikini costume at “Yappy Hour” in New Orleans. Circa 2001



  1. benny55 Said,

    March 13, 2014@ 12:05 pm      Reply

    Great fun!! Thanks Alison! Grinning ear to ear over here! It’s agreat idea to do a “blog of memories” as they cme to you.

    I could just nvisione Shelby andnher uddy figuring out exactly how they were going to get to that chocolate. And then so very, very proud when Shelby knocked it down on the floor…..tails just-a-waggn’!

    And yes, you can tell one of her favoritie positions is to be snuggled in yor arms. She always looks so content in thse poses… sweet!

    Yeah, I’ve had dogs through the years sneak their fair of chocolate and, fortnately, with no ill-side effects. And same thing, all our dogs growng up got “table scraps” with some dog food of sorts, but mostly people food. And they all seemed to live to their teens and free of diseases!!

    And Shelby Girl, you rock in your bikini!! Nobody else even had a chance!!!

    Love hearng these tories!! Keep ’em coming…with pictures of course!!


    Sally and Happy Hannan

    • mom2shelby Said,

      March 13, 2014@ 1:34 pm      Reply

      Thank you Sally! I am finding this forum and “blogging” as a really cathartic way to celebrate Shelby’s amazing life! I’m the same – growing up our dogs ate anything they could get their little paws on, and we had healthy dogs live long, long lives!

      I’ll have to dig deep into the archives … Shelby wasn’t nearly photographed as much pre-camera phone days! 🙂

      Alison and Shelby

  2. Angela Said,

    March 13, 2014@ 2:08 pm      Reply

    Oh Shelby! stealing chocolate from the counter! You are so right Alison, looking back and thinking of all the fond memories is a great way to celebrate the amazing lives these doggies have led!

    We’d love to hear more!

    Cody and Family

  3. jerry Said,

    March 13, 2014@ 7:27 pm      Reply

    The PAWTY gals! I love it!

    Oh Shelby, maybe that chocovomit episode gave you an extra dose of strength to carry on during ruff times! That’s one craaaaazy story! If you can survive that, I know you can survive anything!

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