Happy (what would have been your 14th) Birthday

Oh sweet Shelby Lynne… you would have been 14 today! I always told people that I knew in my heart you would live to at least 15 … sadly, you lost your earthly battle at age 13 1/2.

We always celebrated your ‘made up’ birthday. I picked today special for you since I figured you were about 6 months when I adopted you in March so backtracking, you would have been born in October. I made you a Libra since my best friend is a Libra and they are extremely kind and generous and friendly to all (that would be you). I figured I would always remember the 15th. What I didn’t expect was the stab in my heart when my calendar sent me a reminder this week about your birthday. Of course I knew it was coming up but to see that come up on my phone – punch in the gut. I have removed the reminder but I will never forget your birthday.

Each year for your birthday, you got presents, cards (from Grandmama of course), treats and a special dinner. Usually something that involved wet food since you didn’t get that often. I treated you even more like a princess and gave you many cuddles, snuggles and kisses all day.

Last year was your last birthday that we would celebrate together. You were already sick with cancer and were being treated. I was just so glad to celebrate and have you by my side. I made this montage of all your favorite photos.

Shelby through the years – her birthday montage – October 2013















I didn’t want think that it would be your last birthday but I guess, as a mother always does, I knew on some level that our time was dwindling. We vowed to celebrate YOU every single day for the next several months. To make your life count and to make your life matter. To make a difference.

So today, Shelby Lynne, love of my life, my best girl, I will celebrate you. I will have cake for dinner! I will light a candle for you. And I will look back on your videos of your happier times … you were the ultimate fighter, my girl, and even though we didn’t make it to 15, our love story continues to grow – despite our physical beings not being together … we are together in spirit, in mind, in heart and in soul. My love to you, my baby. I hope your friends over the bridge are celebrating with you, tiaras, streamers, cake and ice-cream! Much love my girl!

Candles on her birthday!










Baby 4
November 2001 – with your bestie Spiderman!











Baby 3
Baby Shelby with her toys! (from the archives)

















Baby 2
OMG … that face!!! Fur-ever in my heart … I love you Shelby Lynne!

















Baby 1
Shelby with her bone. Notice the curtains in the back. They did not come like that. Shelby added her enhancements by chewing off the bottoms.

Author: mom2shelby

Mom to 13 year old Shelby - Jack Russell/Shiba Inu mix. A rescue dog that was born in New Orleans. Shelby is a spirited, smart and happy little dog who loves to run, play, go to the beach (we live in LA) and ride in the car! She is my best friend and the true love of my life!

9 thoughts on “Happy (what would have been your 14th) Birthday”

  1. Happiest of birthdays Shelby! I know you are having a big ole party up there and running and jumping away. I LOVE these pictures – were you precious or WHAT!? I know today is hard on your mama, but I know you are looking down on her and watching out for her and smiling.
    Extra treats for Jill tonight in your honor!

  2. Happy Birthday Shelby. I know you are having a party with all your friends with lots of cake, ice cream, steak. I love all of these pictures.
    Alison, I know today is really really hard on you. I am thinking of you today. Shelby is always beside you. 🙂

    Extra chicken strips for the kids tonight
    Michelle & Angel Sassy

  3. Happy Birthday Shelby chickie!!! She has such a special day happening at the Bridge today. Why do you ask? Cause when it’s your birthday, everyone there has to give up one of their milkbones, pig ears, ice creams, chocolates, stuffie toys to the birthday dogger!!!

    That’s okay though.. cause those that are giving it away, just turn around and get another one from the endless supply of the doggie’s treat box!! lol

    Sending 14 kisses in the air to land on that kissable brow.. right between the eyes!!

    Christine… with Franklin waggin’ in her heart♥

  4. Alison, My heart goes out to you today. I know it has been a hard one. Those baby pics of her, oh how precious! What a treasure. I think Shelby let you find them right when you needed them. When you were ready for them. Hugs from, Lori and TY

  5. Happy Happy Birthday sweet Shelby girl!!! Alison, I just loved reading about how much Shelby was loved. Her life was so wonderful when she met you, and you will celebrate just the way she wants you to. There is going to be a star in the sky shining so bright tonight!!!

  6. My Dear Swwet Shelby! I could look at your poctures a thousand times and each time I would find something else about you even more adorable than the times before!!

    The pic of you in your little hat a fancy little scarf….you just KNOW you are a fashion diva!!! You are so precious Shelby!

    Alison,, your recall of such fund times with your girl is so special. I have such a hard time getting past the memories from amputation on. They, for the most part, were glorious memories, but I want to recall all of the other thoussands and thousands of days too! Your mind n is a journal of your relationship with Shelby…pretty darn special kiddo!

    I love the way Christine visualizes the shenanigans at the Bridge…….such a fun place! And I know Shelby is the Social Planner!!!

  7. Wow! I didn’t hit the submit reply button! Shelby, that was you I know it!!!

    Okay sweet little Libra Princess ShelbyStrong., have a splendid birthday! You deserve a good party…24/7!

    Alison, we love you!!

    Sally and Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle too!

  8. Happy Birthday Shelby!! I’m sure you had a wonderful party up there at the Bridge. May you have some premium wet food, steak, chicken, cake, and ice cream!!

    The photo montage is just beautiful…such a tribute to your perfect little princess!!

    I’m so dreading the emotions that will come with Leland’s birthday next month.

    Sending you a HUG!
    Sahana and her Angel Leland

  9. Happy Hippy Hoppy Birthday most pawesome Shelby Lynne. Did you know that Tripawd Girldogs with 2 Names R.O.C.K.????? Of course you do! We know you are whooping it up tonight over the rainbow and we are celebrating in your honor here in Oaktown!
    Sending yo mama a hug too 🙂
    CR and the OP

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