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Happy “Tri” Day Shelby Lynne

In honor of National “tri” day on 3/3 a little shout out to the “love of my life” and the cutest Tripawd I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Shelby … you embraced your new reality like a champ. You never missed that 4th leg. I remember the first morning after your amputation when I called the vet to see how you were doing and they told me you had been outside walking around and having your breakfast. Not even noticing that anything was different.

I had to run to keep up with you on those three legs – you were speedy like a puppy again.

You lived EACH and every day of those four wonderful “pain-free” months to the fullest. You didn’t let your new look identify you. You were always the “same. old. shelbylynne.”.

So on today, 3/3, I honor you and your legacy… your spirit lives on in everything that I do. I think about you every single day. Your lessons while you were still here and the ones you continue to give me guide me to be a better person and to truly embrace EACH day as the true gift it is. You inspire to me to “be more dog”.

I miss you Shelby Lynne. I was shopping this weekend and saw three different pieces of art that had our tagline – “I love you to the moon and back” … I know you wanted me to see those. I have never seen those on a poster before.

I love you Shelby Lynne. Until we are together again….my best girl, my best friend, the true love of my life …

Cutest Tripawd on the block!

Tripawds Rule! Yes, they do!

Mother’s love …

Beautiful Face…. same. old. shelby. ALWAYS!

SO happy to see Shelby play!

Sitting normal … didn’t miss that rear leg – at all!

And she rests … my love. My life.



  1. amya Said,

    March 3, 2015@ 1:24 pm      Reply

    I miss you both.
    Amy & Spirit Libby

  2. Tracy Said,

    March 3, 2015@ 3:42 pm      Reply

    Hugs to Shelby Lynne and Libby and the many Tripawds that are our Angels above. I share the happiest day with my Bailey Girl too. I miss all of my tripawd family. It’s really hard for me right now to go to the tripawd site since my father passed. I love you all. Happy Tripawd Day to all! Love and Tight Hugs! Tracy and Angel Bailey Girl

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